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 G4S: The Corrupt Henchmen Of The Global Elite!!!

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PostSubject: G4S: The Corrupt Henchmen Of The Global Elite!!!   Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:19 pm


G4S's principal activity is the provision of security services, including care services, justice services, manned security services, cash services including the management and transportation of cash and valuables, and other outsourced business processes related to security and safety risks. Its other customers include governments, corporates, financial institutions, utilities, ports and airports, transport and logistics providers, and consumers. Government contracts accounted for 27% of G4S's turnover in 2011.

G4S also operates custody facilities on behalf of law enforcement agencies, including seven prisons in England and Wales. It additionally provides guarding services at airports including Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport, Oslo Airport, Brussels Airport, Schiphol Airport and OR Tambo Airport as well as at facilities belonging to US, UK, Canada and European governments.

G4S operates electronic security systems and provides cash-management and logistics services for banks. It is involved in risk-management, consultancy and support in areas where infrastructure is limited. Services include land-mine clearance, ordnance management and training. G4S provides revenue-protection services for railway companies across the UK. It is a contractor in the UK government's Welfare to Work scheme.

Clare Sambrook has also declared that "G4S is installing smart meters in our homes, guarding our supermarkets, supplying number-plate recognition technology to retailers, the police and the military, performing covert surveillance for insurance companies.....& they are operating in 125 countries"

Now, G4S claim they are heavily into anti-corruption yet I find it weird that as G4 (Group 4) in the 90's in the UK, they were working for banks transporting money to other parts of the country, yet I find it funny that they were CONSTANTLY held up at gunpoint & millions of pounds "lost". As well as this area, during their transportation days of prisoners, prisoners escaped! Four in particular in 1994 if I remember rightly!

Suddenly I see Group 4 change to G4S, but I say that you can spray shit with perfume all day long, but it still goes back to smelling of shit sooner of later, & THAT is what G4S has done. look at the fiasco that was the security of the 2-12 Olympic games!!!!!

My God, so many whistleblowers have come out to say that G4S didn't care about security, it was " all about the money"!

You can tell that buy the reply of its CEO Nick "I take home £1,656,251 a year on top of a £6million pension pot" Buckles when he refused to hand over the firms 57 MILLION management fee he was given to secure the Olympics.

NICK, YOU COULDN'T SECURE A KIDS PLAYPEN MATE. Your whole company is a farce, a legal criminal syndicate that has had more complaints made against it than a hookers had dicks!

But hey, what does that matter when you have a MAJOR FORMER NEW LABOUR ENFORCER AS ONE OF YOUR DIRECTORS BACK IN 2008 ON A £50,000+ PAYROLL EH "LORD REID"?????

He brought up in the Houses Of Commons once that the best way to stop cyber issues was by using biometric principles such as eye/retina/fingerprint (and no doubt RFID chips somewhere mixed in there too) identification which the Global Elite have been pushing for years, AND it has already started happening. And guess what??


So not only are they pushing this, they have contracts with worldwide Governments, banks, prisons, security, weapons security such as Nuclear in its various forms (& even then, there was HUGE USA backlash against G4S when newspapers & certain congressmen discovered that G4S had staff FAST ASLEEP WHEN THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON SECURITY WATCH IN CERTAIN NUCLEAR SITES!!!!!

And guess what people? These G4S CLOWNS are now being given Police forces to run in parts of the UK!! WTF???? These G4S clowns have the track record that makes Ted Bundy's love of women look angelic!!!

My research has brought up so much corruption with this firms activities that any other company would have been closed down & its staff & bosses arrested and brought up on criminal charges.

Yet, G4S has so much work from various worldwide governments AND the banks, that Mr Nick Buckles and the rest of his cronies who run G4S can give a big FUCK YOU VERY MUCH to anyone who tries to stop them.

And who should actually look into, and investigate murder? The police? Or a failed fuckwit security firm. But who could be such a fuckwit firm that would be given permission to do this you ask?

BLOODY WELL G4S THAT'S WHO!!!! JESUS CHRIST, having G4S solve a murder with their bloody Teletubby employees will be a miracle! You may as well as Cookie monster to give up eating cookies, you'd have a better chance of THAT happening than G4S solving a murder!!!!

Well, you'll be surprised to learn that they get paid a whopping £25,000 to look into a murder, but where could that £25,000 be going to I wonder? Not part of Lord Reid and his £50,000 wage every year could it?

Probably. I wouldn't be at all surprised. But they've probably got Peter Sutcliffe (The Yorkshire Ripper) as a replacement for Lord Reid now, & he's probably in charge of a Rape Crisis Centres.

Read this article here by Clare Sambrook about this very thing:

And G4S have now branded the Lincolnshire Police Force with their G4S details too..... yes, as Clare Sambrook says "Corporate power stamps its brand on British Policing"......

Is there any wonder why G4S keeps on getting commissions when all they ever seem to do is fuck it all up? It's because they have the backing of the world governments & banks and the worlds airport & ground security sections all sewn up into their company and so can't be stopped!! They probably have secret security films of all the corrupt paedophiles in Government & the media fucking & killing kids so if they ever get brought to a criminal trial, they just whip out the security films and over boys!

After all, G4S also supply security for children's homes. Yes, that right...KIDS HOMES!!!

And it gets WORSE...we've also found that G4S TRAIN MAGISTRATES, YES MAGISTRATES!! Fuck me, if any corruption DOES come up towards G4S, the chances of the Judge NOT been a G4S trained pig are so slim its just not funny!

Check out this post on Our kingdom .com

Remember that here at Smoke N Mirrors HQ, along with David Icke & Alex Jones have been telling you all for a long time now that the plan by the Global Elite is to have a one world Police force by using not only the Army, but by granting security firms to have the power to arrest, detain & investigate potential terrorists and any one else who looks like that are into criminal activity and you can't do anything about it....well, it looks like they have their firm doesn't it...


One more thing.....did you know that G4S have now have a major stake in the Chubb company? Oh yes, Chubb been one of the world's MAJOR locks for your home for many many years, and good 'ole G4S now have the access to get into any home or firm or private asset that you may use a Chubb product for to secure your home, your business or your loved ones. Yes, G4S are well and truly the henchmen of our new Big Brother state worldwide.

No wonder the Reptilian looking Nick Buckles looks like a fucking smug prick whenever he's photographed, as he's pretty much untouchable, and speaking of those corrupt arseholes who also think/thought they are/were untouchable; with all the hype over Jimmy Savile and his pedo activities, perhaps the media should investigate Buckles, as my God, if he doesn't look like a kiddy fiddler, I don't know who does mate. Just check out this image & you'll see what I mean......
[url= [url=]

I'll leave the last word to a comment made by "cheerful Soul" on a blog about the fiasco that is G4S & our elite masters......

Cheerful Soul
July 17, 2012 at 21:16

"G4S, The Home Office and Locog could not manage a good shit between the lot of them. What a bunch of Buffoons and I will expect shortly after this small sporting event the bonuses will start to flood into these moronic “so called” organisations, as of course will the Titles. As usual unbelievably failure, incompetence, fraud, corruption and unaccountability will be paid for handsomely by this corrupt disgraceful Government who do not have a Scooby Doo about anything other than lining their own pockets".

Couldn't have said it better myself mate!



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G4S: The Corrupt Henchmen Of The Global Elite!!!
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