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  Hey, Tweeters Galore ... You Are Not Going To Let This Arrogant Man's Intimidation Turn You To Jelly Are You?

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PostSubject: Hey, Tweeters Galore ... You Are Not Going To Let This Arrogant Man's Intimidation Turn You To Jelly Are You?    Tue Nov 20, 2012 12:43 am

Come on, backbone and scrotum, if you please. Who the fuck is he?

You can either capitulate or run and hide, or millions worldwide can tweet and re-tweet the same thing and what could they do? I am just pointing out the obvious choices - capitulate, hide or have some self-respect.

Do you want Twitter to have any balls and freedom or see them both cut off and the whole thing become impotent and irrelevant like the BBC?

You don't believe the poor, nice old man victim crap, do you?


Anyone who can write this is no 'poor, nice old man victim' of anything

There is a lot of water to flow under a lot of bridges yet. This is just the start. Now, backbone and balls at the ready and stop bloody trembling. Come on ... let's go. Let's meet this together so they cannot divide and rule and I mean come together worldwide.

Who is going to start? I'd better then.

Please Tweet (and get others to Retweet) the following:

I hear that Lord McAlpine is the man that Steve Messham named in an unbroadcast part of his interview with the BBC. #McAlpine #DavidIcke

It has the benefit that not a single word of this statement is not true or can be challenged as not being true or is libellous in any way because it is all in the public arena.

And you can stick it in a dark place as well, mate ...


This is McAlpine's 'lawyer', Andrew Reid. He apparently wants everyone on Twitter who mentioned McAlpine to 'come forward' to 'apologise' and 'agree a settlement', according to media reports.

You must be bloody joking, darlin'. I'll see you in court first with a lot of big names from the Thatcher era and a LOT of information to present to a jury, not least about the paedophile ring in Thatcher's Downing Street - much more than I have written so far.

Seriously rich man McAlpine has 'already got more in compensation than the majority of victims of the unspeakable North Wales children's home abuse have ever got': I hope Lord McAlpine is not going to sue me for saying this, but then I don't give a shit if he does...

'Lord McAlpine has so far received more money in compensation than the majority of the children who were actually raped and abused got. Most of them got nothing at all because UK courts decided the children’s homes’ insurers were not liable.

That’s a fact which needs repeating. Lord McAlpine has so far received £185,000 payout from the BBC taxpayers – whereas the child abuse victims either got next to nothing or nothing at all. But why has this fact not been reported by the mainstream media?'

Because most are fully-paid-up members of Masterbaters Anonymous, mate.

Originally Posted On The David Icke Website on Monday, 19 November 2012 10:59


Smoke-N-Mirrors HQ Say:

This old man act is making me SICK. He has come from a long line of McAlpines who have worked in the media and manipulated them for everything they're worth.

As David Icke eloquently puts don't get to where you are in the media, as well as being a high level confidant in Thatcher's Government for nothing!

This man is as corrupt as they get. And WE are paying for his corruption.

His fat, greedy warthog looking Lawyer Andrew Reid wants people who named "Macca" on Twitter to come forward and agree a settlement does he?

I hope he accepts my settlement offer....A BIG FUCK YOU VERY MUCH BOY!

I look forward to the day when scum like these two "brothers" get what's coming to them....a big red hot poker up their greedy, fat Freemasonic arses.


People....Smoke-N-Mirrors HQ have now left the building....

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Transcended Master
Transcended Master

Posts : 154
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PostSubject: Interesting Quote From Andrew Reid You May Have Missed.   Tue Nov 20, 2012 1:07 am

Out of interest, in The Mail Online (A major Tory supporting rag just like The Scum, sorry, the Sun), McA's lawyer says the following:

He added that it was "time to clamp down on Twitter", which allowed people to say 'vile, disgusting' things".

'We have been inundated by the public who have wanted us to deal with this problem of Twitter, and have encouraged and in some cases have actually offered us funds".

Very interesting read that. I wonder who these MYSTERIOUS people who have offered them funds to close Twitter are?

Well here at SnMHQ, we've been telling the world that the global Elites have HATED social network sites for a long time. They HATE the fact that we some form of power & can voice our opinions.

David Rockefeller even said publicly that "the worst thing we ever gave the world was the internet" Yes, & we know why...because it gives us a VOICE you old bastard, a voice that has the power to RISE UP against you sick scum, to take back our freedom. But you don't want that!

NO, you want the worker bees to keep feeding you all that rich honey so that you can gorge yourselves on it. Well I hope you fucking choke on it, because your time is over rich boys, the revolution is coming, the revolution to beat down the evil of this world by the armies of good.

You can bet your bottom dollar that it's high end officials, Government & all the Freemasonic "brothers" that are being exposed for what they are wanting to fund the closure of Twitter and NOT little granny Maureen down the road who you FUCKED OUT OF HER PENSION SO YOU CAN HAVE YOUR LODGE PARTIES.

Burn in hell the lot of you.

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Hey, Tweeters Galore ... You Are Not Going To Let This Arrogant Man's Intimidation Turn You To Jelly Are You?
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