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 Meet Esther Rantzen: Aledged Chief Pimp To Elite Government Heads *UPDATED*

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PostSubject: Meet Esther Rantzen: Aledged Chief Pimp To Elite Government Heads *UPDATED*   Wed Nov 28, 2012 11:34 pm


Fresh reports received reveal alarming discoveries that shatters the reputation of Esther Rantzen’s Childline. I don’t want to believe it, but as said earlier, I will leave no stones unturned. Besides, team members who reported this are willing to appear on BBC TV or Channel 4 and swear by it. That is good enough for me.

Amazingly, a team member rang Childline about 10 times in one week and never got through. Surprise, surprise! I just phoned them up on 0800 1111 and I didn’t get through. The recorded voice told me that all counsellors were busy talking to children and young people, and that I couldn’t leave a message. I could always write to them or visit their website.

If Childline are rich in resources, why don’t they ensure their switchboards are manned adequately? Do they care at all? Or are they a Masonic set up?

Reports received claim that Denise Robertson MBE is part of the sisterhood (Female Freemasons) along with Esther Rantzen and Yolande Lindridge who apparently has been “blackballed”. The latter is a term used by Freemasons for those who have been ejected out of the organisation.

Denise and Esther founded Childline.

Did you know that Denise was a co founder?

Childline is a cherry picking organisation, according to my reporters, through which Freemasons provide children for the heads of states to rape.

Reference is made to the Madeleine McCann’s case who disappeared in Portugal. The chief of Portuguese Police investigating her disappearance was involved in another child abuse case in which he was personally involved.

Freemasons have control of sectors. I am told to think of it as triangle with the heads at the top and the henchmen at the bottom who don’t have a clue what is going on. If this means a pyramid layout, I am not certain and cannot comment.

The head of the British Rail was involved in child sex abuse. Charges were dropped.

National Trust let their barns and outhouses to child abuse rings. I am told to Google Julian Grail to find out that this man from Plymouth committed suicide. He chucked himself from a bridge because he was involved in Freemason Child abuse and subjecting children to animal sex. The man was “blackballed” and had no choice but to kill himself.

Another team member is convinced that those unfortunate to get exposed thus will have their hearts removed while alive. So jumping off a bridge was considered a better option to die, I suppose. The man had exposed his bosses of all the crimes they were responsible for. He had blown the whistle on Plymouth Freemasons’ sex trafficking ring. Coroner Nigel Meadows covered the death and nothing was heard of it since. He put the whistle blowing to false memory syndrome or some crap like that.

A similar case and cover up was also reported and recorded in Hull (The De Green children’s home?).

Reported By Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai



There has always been something bothering us about Childline. Since the report my Mohammad, I had always questioned Ranzen's loyalty. Thatcher's cabinet was awashed with elite paedophiles, and most of them loved her That's Life show in the 1980's.

We are still investigating Childline, & have been for a long time now. We will not stop until we can either prove the allegations we have been hearing about the allegations, or prove it is lies.

My suspicions about Ranzen were brought to a head when I saw her interviewed on the ITV programme exposing Sir Jimmy Savile as a Paedophile. When she was hearing about the reports, there was just something about her mannerisms that just didn't ring true with me.

The crocodile tears she cried just strengthened my suspicions even more. Then within a few weeks she came out saying that she had indeed heard about the Savile rumours.

So if she had heard, AND she was the head of childline....why didn't she investigate? Speak to the children involved?

Now, we are not saying Ranzen was involved in the scandal, but what we ARE saying is that we feel she knows more about this than what she is letting on. We all know how the BBC was full of, and still is full of, Pedos, and they are a very tight knit bunch, protecting one another, or shall we say PROTECTING THE BROTHERS AND SISTERS FIRST!

Ranzen is, from what we have discovered, a "SISTER", and even though this doesn't make her party to the ongoing scandal since SAVILEGATE, her loyalty to the Freemasonic BBC and the "CODE OF HONOUR" the "brothers & sisters" must abide by, I feel that we'll be repoting on Esther more in the coming months.

But firt of all, lets just take a very close look at Ranzen's'll be very suprised, as we were, how corrupt her family history is:

"Her father was a BBC engineer...

"Jewish parents.

"Great grandfather a fraudster...

"Esther was pleased he got away with stealing all his clients' money, and shooting one of his father's servants.

"Esther found it all rather hilarious.

"Her father's father, the Rantzen side, was a wealthy stockbroker with sexual history, raping a parlourmaid.

"Again she finds this hilarious.

Esther Rantzen founded Childline in 1986. Childline is now part of the charity NSPCC. There is a suspicion that all the major children's charities have been infiltrated by the spooks.

"The Rantzens were early arrivals in the 1850s from Warsaw, moving up to upper middle class level by 1880...

"Her great grandfather Abraham became a diamond broker and made a fortune.

"Esther's father's middle name was Barnato, from Barnie Barnato, one of the richest men in the world, a diamond dealer.

"Her great grandmother, Sarah Isaacs, was the sister of Barnie Barnato.

"He bought the right plots in South Africa, and was bought out by Cecil Rhodes for £500,000,000, the biggest cheque ever written at the time.

"Barnato later disappeared off a ship without trace...

"Esther acts as if she never knew and wondered what happened to all the money..."

We'll be digging deeper into Ranzen

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Meet Esther Rantzen: Aledged Chief Pimp To Elite Government Heads *UPDATED*
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