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 The Secret Life Of Prince Andrew & The Pedo Pimp

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PostSubject: The Secret Life Of Prince Andrew & The Pedo Pimp   Thu Dec 06, 2012 8:48 pm

According to the excellent website Help Free the Earth, our very own (well I say "our") Prince Andrew, who 4th in line to the British throne, has been exposed in the news as a pedophile. His buddy, Jeffrey Epstein, is a convicted pedophile who served up underage girls to Prince Andrew like lolly pops.

Photos published in the British media show Andrew strolling in a park with Epstein — the New York billionaire jailed for soliciting child prostitutes in Florida. A photograph has also emerged showing Andrew with his arm around the waist of the child prostitute who is at the centre of that case. It has emerged that Andrew allegedly enjoyed massages at the Florida mansion where the Epstein child sexual abuse went on.

Epstein also gave Andrew $30,000 to help pay off his ex-wife Fergie’s massive debts that she was blackmailing him for. Andrew was finally forced to step down as Britain’s trade ambassador because of #1 – his criminal behaviour with underage girls. Two – a six million dollar tax evasion charge. Three – conflicts of interest from friendships with a convicted pedophile and with Libyan leader Gaddafi son whose country was being bombed by the British military.

Now whether this is indeed true or not, the Royal Hillbilly family will never surprise me.
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The Secret Life Of Prince Andrew & The Pedo Pimp
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