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 Kidnapping Allegations Directed Against Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis I) From 1976

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PostSubject: Kidnapping Allegations Directed Against Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis I) From 1976   Thu Mar 14, 2013 5:14 pm

There is ALWAYS a skeleton in the Roman Catholic church's closet....even with the new Pope Francis I....

Lets take a look at some "aledged" facts shall we that we have uncovered since we heard that he had been annointed last night.....

In 2005, human rights lawyer Myriam Bregman filed a criminal suit against Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, accusing him of conspiring with the military junta in the 1976 kidnapping of two Jesuit priests:

Jorge Mario Bergoglio and General Jorge Videla (pictured here)

Bergoglio, who at the time was “Provincial” for the Society of Jesus, had ordered two “Leftist” Jesuit priests “to leave their pastoral work” (i.e. they were fired) following divisions within the Society of Jesus regarding the role of the Catholic Church and its relations to the military Junta.

Condemning the military dictatorship (including human rights violations) was a taboo within the Catholic Church. While the upper echelons of the Church were supportive of the military Junta, the grassroots of the Church was firmly opposed to the imposition of military rule.

In 2010, the survivors of what was known as the “Dirty War” accused Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of complicity in the kidnapping of two members of the Society of Jesus Francisco Jalics y Orlando Yorio, (El Mundo, 8 November 2010)

In the course of the trial initiated in 2005, “Bergoglio twice invoked his right under Argentine law to refuse to appear in open court, and when he eventually did testify in 2010, his answers were evasive”:

“At least two cases directly involved Bergoglio. One examined the torture of two of his Jesuit priests — Orlando Yorio and Francisco Jalics — who were kidnapped in 1976 from the slums where they advocated liberation theology. Yorio accused Bergoglio of effectively handing them over to the death squads… by declining to tell the regime that he endorsed their work. Jalics refused to discuss it after moving into seclusion in a German monastery.” (Los Angeles Times, April 1, 2005)

The accusations directed against Bergoglio regarding the two kidnapped Jesuit priests are but the tip of the iceberg. The entire Catholic hierarchy was behind the Military Junta. According to lawyer Myriam Bregman: “Bergoglio’s own statements proved church officials knew from early on that the junta was torturing and killing its citizens, and yet publicly endorsed the dictators. “The dictatorship could not have operated this way without this key support,” (Los Angeles Times, April 1, 2005 emphasis added)

Holy Communion for the Dictators:

General Jorge Videla takes communion from priest Jorge Mario Bergoglio)

The Catholic hierarchy was tacitly complicit in torture and mass killings, an estimated “22,000 dead and disappeared, from 1976 to 1978 … Thousands of additional victims were killed between 1978 and 1983 when the military was forced from power.” (National Security Archive, March 23, 2006)

The new Pope is also in support of the Argentinians owning the Falkland Islands, even though almost all of those who reside there are in favour of UK rule. If you do not know, 30 yrars ago the UK were in conflict and went to war with the Argentinians over the the Falkland Islands, with the UK winning the war.

In 2012 Pope Francis paid tribute to the 649 Argentine troops who died during the Falklands conflict, describing them as “sons of the homeland” who sought to “reclaim what is theirs”.

He continued saying at the mass “We come to pray for those who have fallen, sons of the homeland who set out to defend his mother, the homeland, to claim the country that is theirs and they were usurped,” he told the congregation.

Another weird thing is that this new Pope was not even in the running for the Pontiff, and in relation to this, he, like President Obama just "appeared" out of nowhere. He was equally surprised to be chosen.

At a time when the world leaders and those that control them are DESPERATE to rush in a kind of NWO that Kissinger & then Bush Snr were constantly throwing at us, don't you find it equally strange that the new pope is also a JESUIT, just like most of the corrupt elite?

I think that there is more to this new Pope than meets the eye.....

Keep watching as this eighth Pope is the one that endorses the Anti-Christ of tribulation....

...But isn't the eight Pope mean't to be called Peter The Roman according to Biblical prophesy & St Malachi who CORRECTLY predicted ALL EIGHT of the names of teh Pope's up to this one who supports, as I say, the AC?


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Kidnapping Allegations Directed Against Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis I) From 1976
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