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 How Prince William Was Predicted To Start The Fall Of The Royal Family

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PostSubject: How Prince William Was Predicted To Start The Fall Of The Royal Family    Thu Jul 18, 2013 12:25 pm

Queen Elizabeth I, spent a lot of effort to bring forth Satanism into a workable religion, which could be translated into English.

Because of Queen Elizabeth I, & her contact with Lucifer or The Most High Demon, the European Aristocratic Class were blessed by Lucifer and even given the language of the Fallen Angels.

According to prophesies given to Queen Elizabeth I, by her knighted Satanic Court Member,Dr. John Dee, which all dates back to the 1500‘s, for the current Queen Elizabeth to safely continue the royal rule, we needed the four elements to be represented of Earth, Air, Water & Fire.

We have Queen Elizabeth April 21 which is under the Zodiac Sign Taurus and the element is Earth.
We have Prince Charles born November 14 and is under the Zodiac Sign of Scorpio and the element is Water.

We have Prince William with a birth day that falls on June 21 and is under the Zodiac Sign of Gemini.  Prince William is under the element of Air.  (Earth, Air, Water is represented by Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Prince William)

Princess Diana was supposed to give birth to Prince William on June 20th but seeing how she was briefed about the Luciferin Royal Prophesy, she wanted to give birth to Prince William on June 23, and that way she avoided the cusp and firmly cemented Prince William as a Water Sign, that would have ended the Illuminati Grip which the British Royal Family had on the world and also causing a mass awakening against royalty rule over the Earth. From what I understand, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles threatened to abort Prince William and have Diana killed if she didn’t induce labor on June 20th.

Now, we have one more Illuminati obligation to fulfill, which was that Prince William’s first child must be born under the Zodiac Sign of Leo (July 23-August 23) and this will fall under the element of Fire (my zodiac sign is Leo) but from the looks of it, Prince William’s child will fall under Cancer and create another Water Sign Element. This will firmly break the Occult Agreement between Lucifer and the Royal Families. Their end of the bargain will have fallen short and the price will be great, while their pact with Lucifer will become null & void.

This means that the British Royal Family will fall. All ready we have historic things happening in England with the British Royal Family. There are financial audits happening, which has only happened one other time against the Royals. Their energy is weak, power is already fading and many skeletons are floating up to the surface.

If Prince William does not kill that child or if Queen Elizabeth does not leave the throne & reset the cycle, Prince William’s child will not only bring down the Royal Families but a great uprising by the people, will slaughter them. The U.K. will get invaded via a foreign military under a New World Order Global Alliance.  Prince William will assume his duties as a military officer but his war will be lost. Every agenda that the British Royal Family takes up, will rot & fail.

The warning Queen Elizabeth I was given was this: "Build Those Castles of Rotting Sticks; The Royal Families Will Fall in Two-Zero-One-Six" (2016)

The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses.― Malcolm X  affraid
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How Prince William Was Predicted To Start The Fall Of The Royal Family
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