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 World War Z-ionsim - New Brad Pitt Film Pro Israel

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PostSubject: World War Z-ionsim - New Brad Pitt Film Pro Israel   Thu Jul 18, 2013 1:23 pm

The Times of Israel calls World War Z “the greatest piece of cinematic propaganda for Israel since Otto Preminger’s “Exodus.”

For "unthinking" viewers, the "Z" in the title of the big budget action movie, World War Z stands for "Zionism", not Zombies.

Hollywood Zionists Dana Goldberg and Graham King are the executive producers. The film is an adaptation of Zionist Max Brooks' zombie novel in which Israel is the ONLY country "smart enough" to have escaped the Zombie Plague !?!?!

The movie is about zombies (goyim) taking over the world with Brad Pitt as the hero. It is pro-Israel, pro-military, pro-UN and pro-American. Before the viewer can figure out that the film is a post-9/11 Jewish propaganda movie, Brad Pitt lands in the fortress Holy Land. While the rest of the world has fallen to cinders, Israel survives. We see close-ups of Israeli flags fluttering in the breeze and we hear triumphant music. Friendly soldiers are speaking Hebrew, rushing around, smiling in soft filtered light a commercial for the Israeli armed services.

Israel is the first glimpse of order, military control, and calm since the start of the movie's pandemic disaster. It is portrayed as "the promised land" and Israel's military is seen as "kind and humanitarian" instead of "ruthlessly cruel".


In Jerusalem, Brad Pitt's character describes "the wall" building as natural to Israel which justifies Israel’s condemned "apartheid" Wall that "in reality" is heartlessly imprisoning millions of Palestinians.

Pitt questions Israel's Mossad chief about how he knew the zombie threat was coming. The Mossad chief delivers a revisionist (false) history lesson including the lie that Israel was always on the defense in its wars. He explains that the wall – is justified as a natural reaction to Arab aggression (Jewish aggression, land theft, occupation, slaughter, imprisonment of Palestinians) since 1948.

The Zionist film-makers and writers portray the (stolen) Jewish state of Israel (Palestine) as a beacon from rampaging zombies (Palestinians, Arabs) who are an ever-present threat to peace-loving (war mongering) Jews. The Mossad chief explains that the military must always be on guard against the "inevitable" next assault on (by) the Jewish people and he justifies Israel’s aggressive military position.


At the end of the movie, the wall doesn’t protect Israel and the country is over-run by zombies (goyim). Why? Because of Israel’s humanism and multicultural inclusiveness?!?!. WHAT A JOKE!!

The movie shows that Israel's humanism and inclusiveness weakens the fragile post-apocalyptic state of Israel and allows the zombies (goyim) to overrun everything. But the camera lingers over the flapping Israeli and US flags and sends a clear pro-Israel, pro-American propaganda message that humanism and multicultural inclusiveness are weaknesses that will destroy the world in the end.

So if humanism and multicultural inclusiveness are weaknesses that can destory the planet, then to save ourselves, we must do the opposite of humanism and multicultural inclusiveness. We must become anti-humanists (self hating) and anti-multicultural (racist). That's the message! We must become self hating racists.

Besides the apocalyptic predictive programming, the core subliminal message that World War Z programs into viewers is that the population of useless eaters needs to be "culled".

Zombies? More like Zionism.

The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses.― Malcolm X  affraid
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World War Z-ionsim - New Brad Pitt Film Pro Israel
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