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 Sterilised by N Carolina: Victims To Get Compensation

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PostSubject: Sterilised by N Carolina: Victims To Get Compensation   Sun Jul 28, 2013 1:15 pm

A classic example of 'The Group' (which is continuing today thanks to Mr Microsoft himself Bill Gates) of their favourite method of eradicating the "undesirables' via Eugenics. Sterilisation is just one of the techniques they use to cut down the population. These people were asked if they would be willing to be sterilised for money. Now they just give you 'vaccines' & don't tell you that they are filled with diseases & untested formulas to see if they work.

Take a look at the recent 'The Amazing Spider-man' film by Mark Webb. The evil side partner of Norman Osborne tells Doctor Connors that the new formula he has invented to grow back missing limbs is to be tested on old war veterans in the old people's homes. Even though Dr Connors tells him that most of the test subjects DIED in all cases & it is not ready for human testing yet!


The State of North Carolina in the US has voted to set aside $10m to compensate victims of a forced sterilisation campaign that ran from 1929 until the mid-1970s.

Over the course of 55 years, 7,600 men, women and children deemed "feeble-minded or undesirable" were sterilised across the state, often without their consent. Many of the victims were poor black women, who were targeted because of their lifestyle.

NBC News says the programme was not unique. "It was part of a larger eugenics movement that believed poverty, promiscuity, and alcoholism were inherited traits, and that without them the gene pool could be improved," it explains.

North Carolina was one of 32 states that carried out sterilisations, sometimes on children as young as ten. But, as US broadcaster NPR reveals, most states abandoned their eugenics programmes after the World War II (*sNmHQ: DID THEY??? NO THEY DIDN'T) because of the movement's association with the practices of Nazi Germany." (*sNmHQ: WITH THE HELP OF THE USA & UK I MIGHT ADD)

By contrast, North Carolina actually expanded its programme in the post-war era," it adds. It was not until 1974 that the North Carolina Eugenics Board was finally disbanded.

In 2002 North Carolina became the first state to apologise for its actions, and now it has become the first to set aside compensation, which will be distributed among all the remaining survivors. So far fewer than 200 have come forward, although it is thought as many as 1,500 could still be alive.

The payouts will begin in 2015 (*sNmHQ: AT A TIME WHEN THE VAST MAJORITY OF THEM WOULD BE DEAD & UNABLE TO CLAIM), to allow more time for victims to come forward. If any of those who do come forward die before the date, their portion of the money will be paid to their estate, says NBC. North Carolina's House Speaker Thom Tillis told the broadcaster: "I hope this provides some closure to what I believe is one of the darkest chapters in the state's history."

One of the victims, Elaine Riddick, who was sterilised without her consent as a teenager after she was raped and had a child, has led the campaign for compensation and welcomed the decision. "I tip my hat to North Carolina. Finally they came to their senses and decided to do what's right," she said. Another victim told NPR: "It helps some."

Local newspaper Star News describes the sterilisation programme as "appalling" and says that the victims "can never be adequately compensated for what was taken from them", but it adds that the state has "taken a giant step toward making amends". Writing before compensation was approved, the Winston-Salem Journal said that the state "ran one of the most brutal sterilisation programs in the country and persisted long after most other states stopped". But it noted that if compensation was approved "our state would gain positive press worldwide by showing what we're really about – compassion and justice" (* sNmHQ: WHAT AN INSULT TO THOSE POOR PEOPLE. WHEN HAVE THE ELITE EVER SHOWN COMPASSION TO ANYONE FROM THE LOWER CLASSES? NEVER. WE ARE CATTLE TO BE USED BY THEM. IT'S TIME TO RISE UP & BRING THE FIGHT TO OUR OPPRESSORS AND MATCH THEM POUND FOR POUND IN THE ARENA)

Originally published in The Week

The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses.― Malcolm X  affraid
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Sterilised by N Carolina: Victims To Get Compensation
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