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 TRUMP WINS - The Hidden Truth About The US Election & The 'Dark Government (DG') AKA The NWO

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PostSubject: TRUMP WINS - The Hidden Truth About The US Election & The 'Dark Government (DG') AKA The NWO   Wed Nov 09, 2016 12:26 pm

As Donald Trump is elected as the 45th President of the United States of America we all wonder how this will all work out. We have seen Brexit, & now this. But if one thing the real truth movement knows is that Presidents & Prime Ministers are not elected, they are CHOSEN. It is our view here that not only Brexit, but the Presidency is nothing but another game of smoke & mirrors by the group of elites who really run the world. A 2% minority of planetary powers that dictate how & when such events take place.

It is our view at sNmHQ that the whole 'revolution' by the 'people' against the larger political order & those that really run the world is a lie. There is only one plan in place, & that plan is out with the old order & in with the New World Order. They are pushing an agenda that does not care if you see or not. They are running scared, only because they see the truth movement catching them out at every turn. So they have nothing to lose.

We are also seeing the political establishment around the world, especially Europe since the Brexit vote, voicing their sadness & concern & even FEAR of a Trump Presidency. Why? Because they know that their time is short & that it is THEY who are next to be toppled. But no...not by the public, please don't be fooled by that lie, but by the 2% who dictate how the world works & who decides who gains power for a short time, that is until they are fed up of them.

The European leaders & the US leaders made a deal with the old adversary of man....Lucifer. And like every story you hear of 'old Nick', he promises you the world & then some, but eventually he will welch on whatever deal you both agreed to. Contract or not, he'll cheat you. And this is exactly what has happened here. The 'Dark Government' (DG), has seen the truth & conspiracy movement gain momentum & in our opinion, thanks to the lie that was 9/11 in the USA & 7/7 in the UK, has opened the eyes of those that were once closed. And this frightened the DG that their age long plan could be stopped. But as a friend of our site emailed us to remind us that when it comes to any 'war', the DG mantra is 'use your enemies weapons & against them if you want to win'.

So the DG have decided to stab the very elites that have pledged their very lives to them in the back in favour of opening their arms to the conspiracy movement & then destroying it from within. Just as the Freemason's did with the Illuminati, who, despite the lies about their plan to overthrow the world & destroy the common man & woman, in fact were antiestablishment & wanted to give power BACK to the common man & woman from the powerful DG. But the Freemason's put a stop to that, as it is THEY who are the TRUE powers & not a centuries old organization that has long since passed on.

This is only the start of their plan to infiltrate & then destroy the truth movement by spreading the lie that the public are responsible for the upheaval in the political establishment, starting with Brexit & now the Trump victory, when in fact it is the very 2% establishment that are responsible in their non-stop bloodthirsty pursuit of bringing in their age old plan of a NEW WORLD ORDER, ONE MONETARY SYSTEM & ENDING WITH WHAT THE RELIGIOUS PROPHECIES CALL THE MARK OF THE BEAST.

The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses.― Malcolm X  affraid
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TRUMP WINS - The Hidden Truth About The US Election & The 'Dark Government (DG') AKA The NWO
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