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 Aleister Crowley Was A Freemason....Err NO!

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PostSubject: Aleister Crowley Was A Freemason....Err NO!   Sun Feb 20, 2011 9:50 pm

It is a misconception that Aleister Crowley was a 33 Degree Mason & that Freemasons follow his writings. Well, some MAY, but in truth, he was NEVER RECOGNIZED by Freemasonry as being an official member.

Please don't get me wrong I am not supporting his work, it is just that to actually understand the (what I call) "Cold Bloods" & the whole bloodline/NWO subject, we all need to know a few home truths.

Read on dear reader.......

Well, he claimed to be a Freemason but the organizations he joined are not considered regular by Masonic bodies in the Anglo-American tradition.

Crowley claimed the following Masonic degrees:

* 33° of the Scottish Rite in Mexico from Don Jesus Medina.

“Don Jesus Medina, a descendant of the great duke of Armada fame, and one of the highest chiefs of Scottish Rite free-masonry. My cabbalistic knowledge being already profound by current standards, he thought me worthy of the highest initiation in his power to confer; special powers were obtained in view of my limited sojourn, and I was pushed rapidly through and admitted to the thirty-third and last degree before I left the country.” The Confessions of Aleister Crowley pp. 202–203.

* 3° In France by the Anglo-Saxon Lodge No. 343, a Lodge chartered in 1899 by the Grande Loge de France, a body not at the time recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England, on 29 June 1904.

* 33° of the irregular 'Cerneau' Scottish Rite from John Yarker

* 90°/95° of the Rite of Memphis/Misraim from John Yarker.

The United Grand Lodge of England, whose recognition is generally considered the standard for Masonic validity, did not recognize any of the above bodies as being true Freemasonry, thus Crowley never was an “official” Freemason within the common understanding of the term.

Crowley quickly realized that the post-Yarker era meant change. He was not rebellious by reflex, at least where old British institutions were concerned. He undoubtedly believed O.T.O. had authority from Yarker to work the Ancient and Primitive Rite's equivalent to the Craft degrees in England, but once made aware of the issue of regularity when having his own French Masonic credentials declined, he was not defiant and on his own made changes to the O.T.O. to avoid conflict. He inserted notices into the last number of The Equinox to the effect that the O.T.O. did not infringe upon the just privileges of the Grand Lodge Of England

During WWI Crowley worked slightly revised English Craft rituals in America, but despite the absence of a central Grand Lodge, he met with objections from masonic authorities. He then rewrote the O.T.O. rituals for I° – III° so that they no longer resembled Craft masonry degrees in language, theme or intent.

Now there is no doubt that this man was evil personified, but the man being a major force in Freemasonry? It's just not true, & in this life it's NOT what you know, it's WHAT you can PROVE.....
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Aleister Crowley Was A Freemason....Err NO!
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