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 Aleister Crowley In Popular Culture & His Influence On The Elite Media.

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PostSubject: Aleister Crowley In Popular Culture & His Influence On The Elite Media.   Sun Feb 20, 2011 10:05 pm

Crowley has been an major influence on popular culture since his death, & this is a continued theme today in music videos by such artists as Lady GaGa, Jay-Z & Rhianna.

Lets take a look at his influence.....

Fictionalised accounts of Crowley or characters based upon him have been included in a number of literary works, published both during his life and after. The writer W. Somerset Maugham used him as the model for the character in his novel The Magician, published in 1908. Crowley was flattered by Maugham's fictionalised depiction of himself, stating that "he had done more than justice to the qualities of which I was proud... The Magician was, in fact, an appreciation of my genius such as I had never dreamed of inspiring''.

Similarly, in Dennis Wheatley's popular thriller The Devil Rides Out, the Satanic cult leader Mocata is inspired by Crowley, and in turn the deceased Satanist Adrian Marcato referred to in Ira Levin's Rosemary's Baby is likewise a Crowley-like figure. Long after his death Crowley was still being used for similar purposes, appearing as a main character in Robert Anton Wilson's 1981 novel Masks of the Illuminati.

Additionally, the acclaimed comic book author Alan Moore (''V For Vendetta'', ''Watchmen'', ''Spawn'' etc) , himself a practitioner of ceremonial magic, has also included Crowley in several of his works.

In Moore's ''From Hell'', he appears in a cameo as a young boy declaring that magic is real, whilst in the series ''Promethea'' he appears several times existing in a realm of the imagination called the ''Immateria''. Moore has also discussed Crowley's associations with the Highbury area of London in his recorded magical working, ''The Highbury Working''.

Other comic book writers have also made use of him, with Pat Mills and Olivier Ledroit portraying him as a reincarnated vampire in their series ''Requiem Chevalier Vampire''. Crowley also is referenced in the Batman comic ''Arkham Asylum': A Serious House on Serious Earth'' where the character Amadeus Arkham meets with him, discuss the symbolism of Egyptian tarot, and they play chess.

He has also appeared in Japanese media, such as D.Gray-Man and Toaru Majutsu ''No Index'', as well as the hentai series ''Bible Black'', where he has a fictional daughter named ''Jody Crowley'' who continues her father's search for the Scarlet Woman. He is also depicted in the Original PlayStation game ''Nightmare Creatures'' as a powerful demonic resurrection of himself.

Still not convinced??

Crowley has been an influence for a string of popular musicians throughout the 20th century. The hugely popular band The Beatles included him as one of the many figures on the cover sleeve of their 1967 album ''Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'', where he is situated between Sri Yukteswar Giri and Mae West.

A more intent interest in Crowley was held by Jimmy Page, the guitarist and co-founder of 1970s rock band ''Led Zeppelin''. Despite not describing himself as a Thelemite or being a member of the Ordo Templi Orientis, Page was still fascinated by Crowley, and owned some of his clothing, manuscripts and ritual objects, and during the 1970s bought Boleskine House, which also appears in the band's movie ''The Song Remains the Same''.

The later rock musician Ozzy Osbourne released a song titled "Mr. Crowley" on his solo album ''Blizzard of Ozz'', whilst a comparison of Crowley and Osbourne in the context of their media portrayals can be found in the Journal of Religion and Popular Culture.

Crowley has also had an influence in cinema; in particular, he was a major influence and inspiration to the work on the radical avant garde underground film-maker Kenneth Anger, especially his ''Magick Lantern Cycle'' series of works. One of Anger's works is a film of Crowley's paintings, and in 2009 he gave a lecture on the subject of Crowley.

Bruce Dickinson, singer with ''Iron Maiden'', wrote the screenplay of ''Chemical Wedding'' (released in America on DVD as ''Crowley''), which features Simon Callow as Oliver Haddo, the name taken from the Magician-villain character in the Somerset Maugham book "The Magician", who was in turn inspired by Maugham's meeting with Crowley.

The Italian historian of esotericism Giordano Berti, in his book ''Tarocchi di Aleister Crowley'' (1998) quotes a number of literary works and films inspired by Crowley's life and legends. Some of the films are ''The Magician'' (1926) by Rex Ingram, based upon the eponymous book written by William Somerset Maugham (1908); ''Night of the Demon'' (1957) by Jacques Tourneur, based on the story "Casting the Runes" by M. R. James; and ''The Devils Rides Out'' (1968) by Terence Fisher, from the eponymous thriller by Dennis Wheatley. Also: "Dance To The Music of Time" by Anthony Powell, "Black Easter" by James Blish, and "The Winged Bull" by Dion Fortune.[175]

His name was used for two characters in American horror/adventure/fantasy series, ''Supernatural'', one being the self-proclaimed 'King of the Crossroads' Crowley, originally a Scotsman, and Alistair, the demon who tormented Dean Winchester whilst Dean was in Hell.

So you see, his influence is great, but it doesn't just stop there.....Musicians as I mentioned at the start of this piece are (though they may not know it because of whom runs it all) all promoting his works.

I'm not here to tell you to believe me, I'm here to say RESEARCH IT....

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Aleister Crowley In Popular Culture & His Influence On The Elite Media.
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