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PostSubject: THE ADMIN BLOG SPOT - 1. THE TODDLER RACE   Sun Jan 30, 2011 3:40 pm

We are living on such a wonderful & beautiful Planet in what I like to call the "multi-verse", but compared to many Planets out there which supports the weird & wonderful, we are (to some degree) a "third World" planet. Humanity is at it's infancy, or what I would say is the "toddler stage".

Humanity is walking (or rather stumbling) around after only just learning to walk & everything is new & is there to be explored & experienced. And just like a toddler, Humanity is prone to touch, poke & prod everything in it's path to help it on it's way to development into eventual adulthood. It's all very exciting!

But just like a small child, Humanity can also be destructive, break things & throw tantrums if it doesn't get it's own way. It can also be very very territorial & everything it see's is "mine". Yet thankfully, we have a parent/s to reprimand us & help us to see right from wrong. But who is there to reprimand humanity when we misbehave, or are close to the fire & could be burnt at any moment? Some would say Religion is the parent & the various Gods are the parents, but is it? Some would say the Governments. They have our best interests at heart & tell us right from wrong. But are they & do they? I for one doubt this to some degree.

If you look at the history of Humanity you will find that Religion & the world of politics are really one of the same. They are both about control & placing you into a belief system that, to some degree, subdues you. I don't doubt for one minute that Jesus & Mohamed etc & I do believe in them & that they walked the Earth, but to my mind, they were individuals who had their eyes wide open to the corruption of Religion & the Politics of the time & tried to preach the word & to also help others to open their eyes to the corruption of our world....or suffer the consequences.

Yet I feel they were misinterpreted by most of the people they were trying to reach. Instead of listening to them & helping is to take control of our lives from the powers that try & suppress the true meaning life & why we are here, that is to be at peace with one another & share our experiences regarding what Humanity is really about (love, peaceful living & understanding that we are all at one with each other & the Earth), most decided to turn it into a what is called a "Religion" & instead of listening to what I feel was the real word of what these, & other great people preached which was stop following false Gods such as money, gold & other material objects & turn to a life of love & infinite awareness.

Of course I could be wrong, but what if I'm not? What if others such as David Icke & Alex Jones & all the others are right? And what we really believe & follow is just one big cover up of the true facts to keep us under control? It IS possible.

The truth is that we are NOT free. Let's face it, the World's Governments have never told us the truth. And I think Religion doesn't either. They tell us what we WANT to hear because we are indeed what some would say "sheeple". We don't want change in our lives, we don't REALLY want to be in control of our lives & take responsibility. No, we'd much rather have someone do it all for us. Humanity are what I call the "worker bees" for those elite bloodlines with their Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Eton, Yale privileged education so that they can live their lives in the way they (& their ancestors before them) have always been accustomed too, whilst the "regular Joe's" really have no chance of progressing further than winning the Lottery (which is fixed so that you pay into the system anyway) or getting that promotion that only slightly makes their life livable.

Sure, the "odd" regular Joe will break through, so what I'm saying can't be true right? But wait a minute, of course they'll let the odd one of us access, because if we all believe in the dream that "you can make it if you really try", none of us will question the real reason why some are "allowed" to get the high life. So we keep striving & struggling & working in the hope that it will be "you" that is the one that makes it out of everyone. The truth is, it's a con to make you pay into the system, as the more you work to get that dream, the more money they can make to keep control of our lives.

How many times in the West do you hear people complaining about their Governments or Councils, or about how their lives are mundane what with all the cuts & the way life is getting harder to live. But then listen to how the conversation is ended, it's normally "oh, well what can you do?", & then the subject changes.

But the truth is this, as long as you keep saying "what can you do", the more nothing changes....and that is what they & their suppressive system want you to keep saying, so that way they keep hold of the control they have always had for centuries. The fact is, us "regular Joe's" aren't the regular Joe's that we think we are, we DO have power, in fact MORE power then they have, it's just that we have to be good girls & boys & trust & believe in their so called fair system, be it Government, Religion or whatever, & then everything will be OK.

You can ignore what I'm saying or you can listen & find out for yourself what I & many others have been saying by reading up on your history & reading various books about what has really been going on behind our backs & you will find as I have researching this for many years about how we have all been manipulated by those in power to keep us asleep to the real facts about what is going on.

Maybe we ARE being controlled by an "Illuminati" who have ran the world thanks to an "elite bloodline" via an "inter dimensional race" of "Reptiles" or maybe it's something else. We WILL eventually find out, but only if we use our eyes & LOOK at the facts that are really staring us in the face every single day..., whatever your views are, you have to admit.....something isn't right.........
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