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 The Mystery Of The Bridgend Suicides...New Movie.

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PostSubject: The Mystery Of The Bridgend Suicides...New Movie.   Sun Jun 26, 2011 11:37 pm

An unsettling discovery has been made by independent US film-maker John Williams.

According to his new film, about the mysterious Bridgend suicides, many more deaths have taken place in the Welsh town than the reported 28 hangings. Indeed, he claims the figure is closer to 60.

The film has yet to be commissioned, although Sky has expressed an interest, and it promises to make for unsettling viewing.

One local young man, who lost his best friend to suicide, helped Williams and appears expressing complete bafflement as to the cause of the epidemic.

He is seen saying he would never follow in their footsteps, yet after production had finished Williams received a call telling him he too had taken his life. A film, we fear, that deserves to be seen.

But it is a film that will never see the light of day I feel. There is far too much at stake to expose the truths behind these mass suicides.

Everyone knows my feelings on the suicides during my research on this for a long time now.

My opinion is that it is nothing more than one of the usual towns that are singled out by the likes of the Tavistock Institute etc to test their new mind control techniques to use in mental warfare.

Think Agent Orange.

Then again with the spate of chemtrails that were in the air over the whole time period of all the suicides, it wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't some kind of experimental test of how effective some of their certain chemicals that they spray in some small targeted communities are, before they go nationwide.

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The Mystery Of The Bridgend Suicides...New Movie.
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